Mean Girls T-shirt Really is Mean

Some popular fashion outlets like Wet Seal and Forever 21 sell T-shirts that say “You can’t sit with us.” Yes, I know, that’s a quote from the Mean Girls movie. And yes, I also know that most people who wear it only see it as a joke. However, bullying and excluding others is no laughing […]

haley henning

Hitting All the Right Notes with Haley Henning

Haley Henning is hitting all the right notes. The 16-year-old trombonist plays for not one, but two bands: her high school band (at TF South in Lansing, IL) and one of the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras. Haley plays for the concert orchestra, which she says is, “Not the top but the one right before the […]

“Gossiping Young Friends Stock Photo” by Chaiwat,

When Hearsay Hits Close to Home: Rumors About Our Friends

Many of us have seen firsthand how quickly lies can spread and how damaging rumors can be, even if they are disproved later. Most of the time it’s safe to just steer clear of all the drama and stories floating around–but what if the rumors are about your best friend? And what if she doesn’t […]




Just like the hashtag, #ootd, #ManicureMonday has taken over Instagram. I love the idea of the Manicure Monday because you can get creative with your nails, and make them look so fun! There are a lot of Instagram pages that are just about nails. Here are a few that you can stalk and than follow: […]


Backpack Fashion, CHECK!

Ahhhhhhh! I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t wanna go back to school!” Girl, same. But we don’t have a choice. But what we do have a choice of is our back to school trends: backpack edition! We all have different personalities, and different tastes, and we have countless backpacks to fall in love with! […]

tru fashionista

Are You a TRUe Fashionista?

Hey girls. Hope your week is going by, or just starting to be fabulous! This week I decided to do a quiz. I put in different kinds of questions about fashion, and you can figure out if you are a total fashion gal, or a laid back gal. As much as I know myself, I’m […]



No More Excuses! — New Music

What happens when 6 friends make a music video in their own car? Apparently, a music contract. For this 6 man band that scenario was exactly the case. Run River North, formally known as Monsters calling home, may live on the east coast but growing up they were exposed deeply to their own heritage by […]


Your Summer Girls’ Night Netfilx Guide

Summer is winding down, which means that the box office has been riddled with fighting robots, fighting gorillas, and fighting alien lizards (see Transformers: Age of Extinction, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and Godzilla). If you find yourself crazing some indoor down-time at the movies, be ready to experience some serious blockbuster butt-kicking. […]

A'asha Marie

Three Incredible Hip-Hop Artists

In a cutthroat industry, hip-hop ladies have been making quite the move, and these unique women are no exception. They use their music to break molds of the status quo and take risks. Their raw transparency and great musical abilities are the reason TRU girls love them. Check out these three female hip-hop artists who are taking their industry by […]