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Finding Passion in a Material World

In a world where the most important thing is money and power, finding the passion inside you can be confusing and hard. And no, it’s a little bit more than “the passion for fashion” (what IS that? Some half-forgotten Barbie catch-phrase from my childhood?) or the love that you have for your iPhone 5. […]


No More Excuses: Stand Up to Bullying

If you saw someone being bullied, would you intervene? Unfortunately, for many people the answer is no. In fact, only 25% of high school students try to help the victims of bullying. It’s time to change this statistic and stand up to bullying together. Here are a few reasons why we might hesitate to help, and an explanation […]


Having Way, Way Older Siblings

Families come in all shapes and sizes, no one family being less “normal” than another. It’s not uncommon for siblings to be ten or even twenty years apart in age, especially if one or both of your parents had a previous marriage. While you may not have to deal with some of the immediate issues […]



Fashion Guide for Summer 2014

Finally. Summer. No more snow and most importantly no more polar vortex! This summer calls for fashion. Fashion gives you personality, and most importantly confidence. There are so many fashion forward trends this summer, and this summer fashion guide will help you transition from snow to sun with these easy spot on trends! 1. Plaid […]

Girl In The Summer Sun Wearing Sunglasses

Sunglass Tan

There are three different types of sunbathers: Sunbather A lathers herself with SPF 2,000 before going to the beach. She doesn’t want to get burnt but still wants to enjoy the warmth of the sun and smell of the ocean. Her skin color remains the same. Sunbather B is the most practical of the three. She […]


Bikini Bliss

For some girls, summer brings a time to shed the layers, soak up some Vitamin D, and enjoy life without a care in the world. For others, this season brings an outfit that can cause some serious anxiety – the bathing suit! I recently had some changes in my body that I was not particularly […]


Colbie Caillat

Colbie Caillat’s “Try”

Colbie Caillat’s groundbreaking video “Try” has been the center of attention of so many girls as they grasp the intense message: An open challenge to Photoshopping! From a different angle than many stars have in the past, Caillat chose a different route: she encourages fans to take it off– makeup, that is. The “Bubbly” singer makes […]


Vampires in Entertainment: Why They’re Here to Stay

Vampires have bared their fangs for centuries on the printed page long before Stephenie Meyer struck gold with Twilight  in 2005. While Edward and Bella’s vampire love seems unmatched, Meyer actually draws from centuries-old tradition and folklore from around the world. Irish author Bram Stoker, for example, defined the modern vampire by introducing the famous […]


Wave Your Flags Up in the Air!

The 2014 FIFA World Cup has inspired great exotic patriotism throughout the world. Jubilant soccer fans from all the world have packed the stadium with colorful faces to represent their country, culture, and tradition. Although some countries boast of their soccer prowess, the month long soccer showdown has since seen a fair share of surprising […]