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Not Taking Compliments

There exists a razor-sharp double-edged sword for young ladies all across Western culture, and it’s hurting our self-confidence and the way we look at ourselves. The most famous example I can think of is in the beginning of the movie Mean Girls: Kady sits down and Regina George goes, “Why don’t I know you? You’re, […]

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Bullying Awareness Through Film

I recently came across a video made by an eighth grader named Lauren Bush that won the “Unite Against Bullying Commercial Challenge” launched by singer Carly Rae Jepsen. After I watched the film on YouTube, I was excited to see all the suggestions for other anti-bullying videos on the site. I spent my whole afternoon […]


Role Playing Games

Most people have insecurities – it’s a natural part of growing up and being human. But have you ever wondered why we feel insecure or unsure of ourselves? At the heart of insecurity are three things: roles, expectations, and how you live up to them. Roles can be a complicated thing to understand, but they’re […]



Backpack Fashion, CHECK!

Ahhhhhhh! I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t wanna go back to school!” Girl, same. But we don’t have a choice. But what we do have a choice of is our back to school trends: backpack edition! We all have different personalities, and different tastes, and we have countless backpacks to fall in love with! […]

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Are You a TRUe Fashionista?

Hey girls. Hope your week is going by, or just starting to be fabulous! This week I decided to do a quiz. I put in different kinds of questions about fashion, and you can figure out if you are a total fashion gal, or a laid back gal. As much as I know myself, I’m […]

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How to Dress Your Body Type

The best way to show confidence is wearing something you are proud of! Along with that, is embracing your body type! Maybe you’re just like me, and don’t know what to wear, and how to dress, to bring out your body type, and enhance the right part of your body. Maybe you don’t even know […]


A'asha Marie

Three Incredible Hip-Hop Artists

In a cutthroat industry, hip-hop ladies have been making quite the move, and these unique women are no exception. They use their music to break molds of the status quo and take risks. Their raw transparency and great musical abilities are the reason TRU girls love them. Check out these three female hip-hop artists who are taking their industry by […]

Symbiote Spiderman and Man of Steel

Channeling Your Inner Nerd At Chicago Comic Con 2014

Do you find yourself longing to don your Captain America t-shirt, glowing saber, or Dr. Spock ears this summer, but have no place to wear them? The Wizard World Chicago Comic Con (August 21-24) is the perfect opportunity to rejoice with your fellow fantasy lovers. Wizard World Chicago, commonly known as the Chicago Comic Con, […]

Trevor Hager II

Interview: Introducing Trevor Hager!

 This month Trevor Hager released his new sophomore album I’ve Been Redeemed. Trevor Hager is a singer/songwriter/musician with an amazing heart for worship. Trevor’s eclectic sound is not the only reason he stands out from typical worship music: Trevor has taught himself to play all the instruments he currently plays! Aside from his interesting hobbies which include […]