Beer bottle against abstract beer bubble texture

Say NO to Underage Drinking!

Underage drinking is an epidemic in America, and most young adults drink before the legal age of 21.  This is a widespread problem, but with serious consequences most don’t think about because they just want to have fun.  The problem is that the three top causes of deaths for 15-24 year old are car accidents, […]

de-magnify flaws

S.E.L.F.-I.M.A.G.E.~ “E” is for Enhance; What’s Your Good Side?

Waking up and liking what you see in the mirror does not always happen overnight, but I’m hoping that this series has helped you understand that having a positive self-image is a process! For the last part of the series, we’re going to get real. I know that some of the tips that were given […]

cassie dildine

14 year-old Cassie Dildine: Will she practice her way to the top of the charts?

Hello everyone! Some of the editors here at TRU recently discovered this 14 year old singer on YouTube. Cassie Dildine is from Hammond, IN and currently attends Gavit Middle School. Coming from a musical family full of uncles, aunts and grandparents who can all sing and play instruments, and a father who builds stringed instruments, […]


Girl Having Fun In The Mall Doing Some Shopping

How To Shop on a Budget

Whether you’re in high school starting your first part-time job, or in college balancing rent and classes, it is important to take care of your money. When most people hear “budget” they think of rent, utilities and phone bills. But it is important to include other things in your budget too, including clothing. How much […]

moto jacket

5 Spring Must-Haves!

Finally, the long days of winter are dying down and we can start moving to the light, loose, cute clothes we’ve been longing for all winter. As you clean out your closet and dust off your light-weight jackets, here are five spring must-haves to keep in mind for this season. 1. Patterned Maxi Skirt – […]

essie ignite the night

Product Review: Essie “Ignite the Night”

Blingaholic – adjective \ˈbliŋ-ə-hȯ-lik\ Someone with an incessant need to have sparkly things. A person who is addicted to sparkles. “That’s the fourth sequin shirt she’s worn to school this week. She’s definitely a blingaholic.” Am I a blingaholic? Guilty. Whether shirts, jewelry, shoes, dresses, hair accessories, makeup or nail polish, I always choose the […]


jamie grace

No cloud can ruin Jamie Grace’s “Beautiful Day”

Twenty-two-year-old Jamie Grace is a singing, rapping, songwriting triple threat from Atlanta, Georgia. She was discovered in  2010 on YouTube by the Christian singer tobyMac, releasing the collaborative single, “Hold Me,” with him the next year. 2012 was a big year for her, she won a Dove award for Best New Artist and even got […]


Listen to the soundtrack of TRU Teen Magazine on Spotify!

Hey everybody! Whether you’re walking your dog, writing a paper, or staring out the car window pretending you’re in a music video, every moment in life can be made better with the perfect soundtrack. Spotify makes it super easy to listen to your favorite tracks if you’re on-the-go or chilling in your room, and for […]


Book Spotlight: Incarceron

Want a good read to completely capture you? Check out “Incarceron” by Catherine Fisher! Incarceron is a merciless prison created by the future’s greatest intelligences, the Sapienti, to rid the world of the worst types of criminals and change their values in order to create the best society possible. Incarceron was created in the height of […]