TRU Cover Model Winner Amber Holup: Superstar Volunteer!

TRU is pleased to introduce you to Amber Holup, one of the winners of our cover model search earlier this year. See her on the cover of our Fall 2014 Issue! {Get it here} 430 hours. That’s how much time Amber Holup has spent volunteering. You’re probably wondering, “How in the world has she managed […]

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When You and Your Friend Like the Same Guy

If Cupid’s arrow has misfired and hit both you and your friend, fear not! We’ve got some tips to help you know what to do. First, try to take a step back. You already know that this situation is not ideal. Try to look at it calmly and objectively. If your friend has been crushing on […]é-smiling-image33079626

Remember the Human Being behind the Social Media Account

Would you ever walk up to a stranger, look them in the eye and say “You’re ugly” or any other insult? I’m sure almost everyone will answer “of course not”. Then why do so many people think it’s okay to make those kinds of comments online? Whether it’s a mean tweet or a cruel comment on […]


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Fall Clutches Under $50 That Work

Clutch attack! Maybe you should try rockin’ a clutch purse this fall! Maybe you’ve always carried a cross-body or a regular purse — this fall, try something different. But, wait. There is a time and a place for carrying a clutch purse. If you’re going to school, you obviously can’t bring a clutch! But if you’re going to […]


5 Easy Beauty Tips for a Clear Face

Either you’ve gone through it or it hasn’t hit you yet, but having acne isn’t the best feeling in the world. For me, it lowers my self esteem, and I’m sure it does for you, too! If you’ve tried everything in the book to get rid of your pimples, these 5 tips should hopefully help […]


Homecoming Hairstyles

Its that season again! Homecoming season! Homecoming football games, spirit week, and late night sleepovers. Its probably the most exciting week in high school. But, it can be super stressful too! Finding the perfect dress, making sure the limo arrives on time, and maybe even waiting around for your crush to ask you. Been there done […]



Fun Ideas for the Ultimate Halloween Party

When it comes to parties, there is nothing more fun than a Halloween party. Festive decorations. Delicious treats Spooky or creative costumes. These are the essentials to a great party. While there is a bit of planning involved, hosting a successful Halloween party is relatively easy. Because we want you to have fun during all […]

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6 Tips to Creating the Perfect Study Playlist!

As the school midterms approach, the ferocity of  planning and getting stuff done becomes overwhelming. It becomes easy to get caught in the stress of tests, commitments, and managing time, but it is very important to manage the impending stress that the school cycle creates. I have observed that studying to a tune creates efficient […]


Our Top 7 List of Inspiring Art!

I 1. The Harry Potter series – my mom read the first book with me when I started first grade; by third grade, I was devouring them (and countless other books) by myself. I don’t know what made Harry Potter so magical (excuse the pun) to me, but I have loved books and reading ever […]