Watch Michelle Obama’s Video About Girl Power

Here at TRU, you’ve probable noticed that we’re all about Girl Power– this is because it’s a movement we feel strongly about. And there’s no better way to show our enthusiasm than through the First Lady herself. Michelle Obama has lent her face to a movement encouraging young women just like yourselves to get a […]


Ive Jones: Working Hard to Fight Ebola

As you have probably heard, Ebola is causing a serious concern not only in the United States but around the world as well. 11-year-old Ive Jones is doing her part to help those affected by the disease. After seeing heartbreaking posts on Facebook and Instagram depicting children orphaned by Ebola, Ive says she was inspired […]

Pretty Woman Reading Book Stock Photo By stockimages

Books and Bullying

Good novels can make a really big impact on us. They can inspire us, make us feel like we are not alone, or allow us to see things from another point of view. Books can also help us learn more about serious issues, like bullying, in an easy and entertaining way. Here are some great young adult […]



3 Makeup Girls That Will Rock Your World

I love makeup, but I’m personally not the best at doing it. I spend hours on youtube browsing through videos and tutorials on how to do winged eyeliner, how to contour your face, and how to do eye shadow. Sound familiar? If so, I’m here to help! Even if you are pretty awesome at applying […]


Top 3 Sites for Knee-High Boots

‘Tis the season to be shopping, falalalala-lalalala. Snow season is upon us, and what better way to be treading in the snow than with a cute pair of knee-high boots? I mean, the snow will probably reach our knees anyway! Living in Chicago isn’t easy, so let me help you find the best pair of […]


5 Makeup Tips for Bigger Eyes Behind Your Glasses

  Calling all girls who wear eyeglasses! If you’re an eyeglasses kinda girl, or if you like wearing fashionable non-prescription glasses, your eyes can appear smaller than usual. This depends a lot on the size of your eyes and on your prescription. If you don’t like that, you can change it up! Makeup really helps to […]



Teen Pageant Star Refuses to Be Fat Shamed

Olivia being crowned Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Seventeen-year-old Olivia McMillan started competing in pageants in the seventh grade when she saw how much fun her friend had participating (and winning!). And after all her hard work over the years, Georgia-born McMillan was crowned this year’s Miss America’s Outstanding Teen. But pageant life isn’t all pretty […]

Taylor Swift

You Won’t Be Able To Shake These Covers Off!

Have you heard of Taylor Swift’s single “Shake It Off”? If you have, then you will probably love these great violin covers of Swift’s popular track. Violin professionals and Brooklyn natives Chargaux used their violin and viola recreate the song entirely. These composers — and twins! — are breaking misconceptions of classical string renditions. The soulful background […]


Traumarama: Teens Share Their Most Silly/Embarrassing Moments

We all do embarrassing things sometimes– and that’s okay! In life, there are always things that will be out of your control; embarrassing moments are bound to happen, and sharing those experiences with your friends just make dealing with the embarrassment so much easier (even if your crush and everyone else in school witnesses it…). […]