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Unwanted Touching: How Far is Too Far?

“There’s a boy at school who keeps grabbing my butt—how do I get him to stop?” A lot of us would have that knee-jerk reaction of resorting to physical violence ourselves to teach that guy a lesson—but that’s obviously not the most acceptable nor most pragmatic approach to take, as violence is never okay and we […]

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The Power of Positive Words

You know that feeling you get when someone unexpectedly compliments you? It just makes your day so much brighter, right? A genuine compliment can make you feel totally awesome, especially if you are going through a time when you feel like you don’t really matter. Yes, it’s true that we should feel secure about ourselves no […]

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When Texting Turns Into Sexting

Yeah, you know the buzzword. Sexting—when texting becomes inappropriate both verbally and with pictures—has become a socially acceptable thing. Sometimes people knowingly engage in this behavior, and other times even the most innocent of conversations can take the plunge. The golden rule is this: don’t do it. Please don’t, don’t do it. Don’t post (or […]



The One Thing You Need to Know About Beauty…

This isn’t another blog post about beauty tips or fashion trends. It’s about your inner beauty. In a world like today’s, we cannot lose our sense of self. Stop with all the hate, be beautiful. Stop with all the negativity, be different. Stop with all the fear, be brave. Do good in the world and be […]

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Fall Clutches Under $50 That Work

Clutch attack! Maybe you should try rockin’ a clutch purse this fall! Maybe you’ve always carried a cross-body or a regular purse — this fall, try something different. But, wait. There is a time and a place for carrying a clutch purse. If you’re going to school, you obviously can’t bring a clutch! But if you’re going to […]


5 Easy Beauty Tips for a Clear Face

Either you’ve gone through it or it hasn’t hit you yet, but having acne isn’t the best feeling in the world. For me, it lowers my self esteem, and I’m sure it does for you, too! If you’ve tried everything in the book to get rid of your pimples, these 5 tips should hopefully help […]



Who’s Your Favorite Disney Villain?

Just in time for Halloween, the Disney villains have joined forces to vent about Lion King’s Scar winning Evil Villain of the Year again! The YouTube channel made for Disney fans and by Disney fans has come up with an interesting spin on One Republics’ hit “Counting Stars.” Villains featured in this rendition — called “Counting Scars” […]


Four YA Books You Should Read this Fall

With finals looking closer, probably the last thing you want to with your free time is read. However, I am here to tell you that reading just for fun is the best way to remind yourself that reading doesn’t have  to be a drag. It really doesn’t matter what book you read- by thoroughly engrossing […]

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Best New Single: No Man Is an Island

Tenth Avenue North is back with a great new single. “No Man Is An Island” comes from their summer EP “Islands.” So what’s so great about the song’s meaning? In it, the Florida band encourages the importance of relationships. Although it may seem difficult to open up and create friendships, it has a great pay-off. One […]