When Your Bully Is Also Your Friend

When we think of bullying, we often think of someone mistreating another person who is outside of their group. However, bullying often occurs within groups of friends. Sometimes, friends align themselves against one friend in their group. Bullying can be especially dangerous and painful if the bully is part of your friendship group. For one […]


Samantha Bonilla’s Teenage Survival Guide

Have you ever wanted to change something about yourself? Well, so did 19-year-old Samantha Bonilla. When she was 14, Samantha was about 50 pounds overweight; she was unhappy with her unhealthy habits so she decided to do something about it. Within a year’s time, Samantha was able to shed the 50 pounds and now she’s […]


When Your Friend Makes the Team…and You Don’t

The squad, the team, the play, the choir… whatever it was: You both tried out. She made it. You… didn’t. ~ It’s normal to feel a little jealous, but we should be happy for our friends when they experience success. This can be a tough situation, especially if you’ve worked really hard before tryouts and […]



Top 5 Reasons Why BB Cream is Your BFF

BB Cream is one of the most important products you can use on your face, yet many people don’t know what it is. The Wiki definition: “BB cream stands for blemish balm, blemish base, beblesh balm, and in Western markets, beauty balm…BB cream is promoted as an all-in-one facial cosmetic product to replace serum, moisturizer, […]


Cute Sweaters for Sweater Weather

Have no fear, summer sweater weather is here! Bring it on fall! Fall is right around the corner, and sweater weather is slowly making its way back, whether we like it or not. Colder temps don’t mean your fashion should die down; they mean bring out the cute sweaters!  Keep your wardrobe trendy with these […]


Get the Hollywood Look for Less!

We get it. We absolutely adore the outfits that are spotted down Hollywood Boulevard, and scramble on the internet to find something similar. Been there, done that. But, what if we can actually had the same outfits as our idols? I know you like the sound of that idea! Here are a couple of outfits […]



5 Musicals/Plays that We Can’t Wait to See this Fall

If you’re tired of the same old movies and TV shows you’ve been watching all summer, seeing a play or musical can really open your eyes to a different form of entertainment. While I understand that TRU readers live all over the place, I sincerely tried to pick major cities around the US that host […]


The Five Artists (That Don’t Sing) That Should Be On Your Playlist

By Devyn Smith While accompanied by music, the voice that comes through your speaker is not melodic, but intense. Staccato… with a message to get across that has no time for four bars of vocal runs. It instantly grabs your attention, speaking straight to your soul. It is spoken word poetry, and it’s escaped from […]


Summer’s Biggest Movie: A Marvel-Ous New Space Opera

It’s the end of the summer, which means that the box office is chalk-full of incredibly loud, action packed movies. After the success of the Avengers in the summer of 2012, it’s no surprise that other spandex-clad Marvel superheroes have hit the big screen in these warm summer months (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor etc.). […]