Revolution Isn’t Easy

“A WARNING TO ALL LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS: A group of rebels want to destroy the beautiful society we have created and are currently at large all across the East Coast. They are spreading evil lies and propaganda, causing violence in our streets, and trying to overthrow the government. Their actions are corrupt and their ideas are […]

girl with the chocolate wafer

Breaking Free of Eating Disorders

By Anita DelPrete Ph.D. Eating disorders -  anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, purging or a combination thereof – are dangerous, destructive (mentally, emotionally and physically), sometimes deadly and sadly, quite common. The subject is so vast and complex it is impossible to even begin to scratch the surface in a few paragraphs. What many people do […]

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Facebook and Cyberbullies

Facebook can be great. You can keep in touch with friends and family, share the moments that matter to you with your loved ones, and even connect with the causes that you are passionate about. Unfortunately, it’s no secret that Facebook can also be a platform for cyberbullying. That’s why Facebook teamed up with the […]


Girl In The Summer Sun Wearing Sunglasses

Sunglass Tan

There are three different types of sunbathers: Sunbather A lathers herself with SPF 2,000 before going to the beach. She doesn’t want to get burnt but still wants to enjoy the warmth of the sun and smell of the ocean. Her skin color remains the same. Sunbather B is the most practical of the three. She […]


Bikini Bliss

For some girls, summer brings a time to shed the layers, soak up some Vitamin D, and enjoy life without a care in the world. For others, this season brings an outfit that can cause some serious anxiety – the bathing suit! I recently had some changes in my body that I was not particularly […]


Mandisa shows true beauty lies in her talent, not her waist size

If you haven’t heard of Mandisa, you’re missing out! She was born Mandisa Hundley in California in 1976, but she only goes by her first name, as all great musical divas do. Mandisa is a contemporary Christian and gospel singer who got her start performing on season 5 of American Idol. Although she only made it […]



Wave Your Flags Up in the Air!

The 2014 FIFA World Cup has inspired great exotic patriotism throughout the world. Jubilant soccer fans from all the world have packed the stadium with colorful faces to represent their country, culture, and tradition. Although some countries boast of their soccer prowess, the month long soccer showdown has since seen a fair share of surprising […]


Imitation: the gateway to originality?

In a world with 7 billion people, it is sometimes hard to set yourself apart from the crowd. In order to do this, people say you have to be original, distinct, a rarity, but I think that this is not always a great attitude to have. Creativity and originality are of course very important in […]


Fun Family Film: Jesus Henry Christ

Jesus Henry Christ is a fun, friendly comedy that everyone should watch with their families. The story follows a young boy named Henry who is top of his class, as he has a stellar memory about everything he has ever seen. He’s only 10 and already heading straight for college, causing his smothering mother Patricia […]